Friday, March 29, 2013

What Proponents of a Free Society Understand

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We understand that we are individuals who share a fundamental Human Nature which separates us from other animals, as we have the capacity to employ Reason - to think, make logical inferences and deductions, visualize, plan, grasp cause-and-effect relationships, etc. - and therefore possess the ability to sagaciously transform our physical world according to our divergent values, rather than merely react to external forces in a mindless or instinctual fashion.

We understand that we live in a world in which natural resources, time, human intelligence, talent and other tangible and intangible things are scarce and diverse. We understand that we enter the world with our individual minds and bodies, which are also scarce and diverse.

We understand that we also enter the world with no knowledge. We understand that we must therefore use our Reason and thinking capacity to gain knowledge and to survive, survival being the value upon which all other values emanate.

We understand that we, as unique human beings possessing the ability to think and alter our world with intellectual ingenuity, cognizant of scarcity and desirous first and foremost of survival, are also endowed with the ability to define a consistent, non-contradictory morality, which can then be used as the basis for advancing a truly free society and moving past the drudgery of a survivalist existence.

We understand that our bodies, minds and values are distinct from everyone else’s and that thinking precedes effective manipulation of reality. We understand that nobody can think for us and that, if we abandon our minds, we abandon life itself. We understand that, in a world of scarcity, we must make choices - according to the values which further our survival and happiness - concomitantly with other individuals living in society.

We understand that an environment compatible with our Human Nature is one which leaves us free to think, free to pursue our interests, free to form our own values and free to make choices, and that an environment perverting Human Nature and leading to destruction is one which replaces such rational human action with coercion (violence, the threat of violence or fraud), whether via individual or institutional action.

We understand that our survival, freedom and prosperity are values inherently incompatible with coercion, and accordingly advocate a societal framework which upholds our rational values in a non-contradictory way. We understand that the State is, by its nature, the most violent institution the world has ever known - as evidenced by logical and empirical refutations - and therefore seek its total elimination, not reformation, because a “limited” State is akin to “limited” slavery. We understand that there can be no middle ground between the requirements of a free society and organized thuggery.

We understand that a free economy is desirable not only because such an economy is efficient and increases standards of living more than interventionism, but also because the free market is a prerequisite for the total realization of our fundamental values and human rights.

We understand that our philosophy is the only philosophy fundamentally incompatible with war, and therefore proudly stand as the true, non-contradictory champions of anti-war sentiment. We understand that our philosophy is non-contradictorily opposed to war because we unequivocally propound free markets, which means that we seek to rid the world of the taxation, inflation, regulation, and other forms of interventionism which increase the power of the State - and the banks and corporations connected to it - and provide the State with the means to use military, spy and police prerogatives, as well as a torrent of propaganda, to crush and upset any domestic or foreign interests opposed to the various encroachments made by this psychopathic system.

We understand that our Human Nature provides us with Reason, that Reason provides us with the ability to think, that thinking provides us with values, that values establish choices, that choices underscore scarcity, that scarcity necessitates economization, that economization requires free markets, that free markets require an absence of coercion, that coercion is the baseline feature of the State, that the State is incompatible with human rights, that human rights are basic freedoms, that basic freedoms also dictate proper human action, that proper human action advances, respects and upholds individual sovereignty, and that individual sovereignty is the most radical, subversive idea in the history of the world and the cornerstone of a genuinely free society.

We understand.